News of the season


We sew quilted armour for you


Hi, my name is Olga. I practice fencing and have my own historical studio. It is my pleasure to offer you my best products.


Historical versions of quilted armour


This is a very interesting part of the work: find a historical description of quilted armour , view Museum samples, and historical handwritten sources . Based on them, create a historically correct thing in our workshop


Quilted armour for fantasy, RPG and cosplay


Endless possibilities for creating beautiful images for cosplay and any of your fantasies.



Quilted armour for sports and fencing


Historical fencing has been developing dynamically in recent years . There are more and more people in the world who want not only to watch films about fencing , but also to practice fencing themselves . For those who want to fit special quilted armor . Although of course you can fence in any quilted armor .




Make a big order and get gift mittensee!

Good mittens will help you hold your sword.