The gallery contains the best photos of products made in all the times of the existence of my historical studio. You can always write to me on facebook, instagram or email, what product you want using the item number in the photo. As well as what color you want and your sizes. The quilted protection will be made according to your measurements in 15-30 days after payment and sent to your address. Here's a description of how to take measurements.

All the best for you

1 - neck girth

2 - shoulder length from the base of the neck to the middle of the shoulder joint , as well as shoulder span . 

3 - the length of the arm from the middle of the shoulder joint to wherever you want (often 60cm) should be measured on a lowered arm and not independently

4 - bicep girth on outstretched arm

5 - elbow girth

6 - forearm girth

7 - wrist girth

8 - chest girth

9 - abdominal girth

10 - pelvic girth

11 - required product length

12 - height to understand where to make the waist

Here's a diagram of how to measure quilted armor

Gallery of the best products

Full quilted protection - jacket, legs and mittens . The upper fabric is linen, the lining is coarse calico, inside there are 3 layers of batting, leather buttons.

Price $ 330

article of goods - st6

The classic version of the gambeson. This is the right choice for a historic festival and for training in armor. Convenient and practical. Almost all gambesons have an empty armhole in the armpit for convenience.

Price $ 170

article of goods - st2

Linen gambeson, batting inside, coarse calico lining.

Price $ 190

article of goods - st5

Doublet for Hema fencing. Historical and very beautiful . Durable fabric . The thickness on the chest can reach up to 8 layers of batting! A wide sleeve at the elbow does not restrict movement on the wrist , the elastic band tightens the sleeve so that stabbing blows do not fly in. Leather buttons will never break or break off . The perfect product for fencing.

Price $ 259

article of goods - st15

Gambeson is Scandinavian. Green linen, 2 types of leather - edging and buttons, batting, coarse calico. And a wild grin)) The Scandinavians were brutal warriors of the Middle Ages. You can feel this by taking their things in hand.

Price $ 230

article of goods - st18

Armor quilted with buttons or strings. Practical and beautiful. Linen, batting, coarse calico. Leather buttons will never break.

Purpuen is a very comfortable product. The stitching of the sleeve makes it easier to raise the arm up, the person does not experience the resistance of the material. Armpit empty, no batting, total thickness 3 layers of batting, forearm 2 layers of batting. Noble product.

Price 179 $

article of goods - st4

Gambeson based on pictures from the bible of Matsievsky. The Maciejewski Bible (in English-language sources - the Morgan Bible, from the place of storage in the P. Morgan library in New York) is a unique handwritten book, created presumably in the 1240s - 1250s.

Price 210 $

article of goods - st11

Fantasy quilted armor. Creates an unforgettable image. Leather belts can be sewn on or riveted. You can come up with your own fantasy or casplay variation.

Price 270 $

article of goods - st13

Any quilting can be worn by both men and women, because this is fencing and sports. And this sample is also well suited for fantasy. Black piping, straps and buckles create an unforgettable look.

Price 259 $

article of goods - st12

this is how the shoulder span is measured

shoulder length

If the quilted armor is fitted or with an accent in the belt, then the length from the shoulder to the navel (waistline)

If you have a large belly, then you need to measure the length of the product in the middle and behind.

If there are any outstanding features of the body, this must be indicated (big fists or something else big).

If a short sleeve is supposed to be on quilted armor, measure exactly the length of the desired sleeve and exactly the desired width (girth) of the sleeve. Usually short sleeves are made wider.


Dimensions must be taken with someone's help. you can not measure yourself correctly. use a tailor's meter (not a tape measure :)

short sleeve

Measurements for leg protection

1 - length along the outer length from the waist, from the very top to the bottom along the outer side of the leg
2 - inner leg length from top to bottom on the inside
3- thigh girth (legs at the very top)
4 - knee girth
5 - girth of the lower leg in the saomo thick place along the muscle
6 - girth of the abdomen
7 - if there is a sock, then the length of the foot
8 - if there is a highlighted knee, then the length is from the bottom of the product to the center of the knee.

To protect your head, please tell us your head size,

forehead circumference.